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when it hurts, you know you are alive

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this video was a ride from start to finish

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Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
Title: UnknownCenturies
Album: UnknownCenturies - Single

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris with the “OITNB” cast at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas

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shots fired

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when you forget capslock is on and google something really aggressively by accident


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ahh, at last. the prodigal—

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step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order

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failed step 1

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here we go: ‘kickass bounty hunter’ america and ‘rebel princess’ kate! (there’re also four more parts to mismarvell’s incredible, life-changing AU that you can read here. the world is a magical place kids don’t let anyone tell you different.)

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On The Run Tour: Paris

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